Welcome Message

Dr Leong Che-hung

Welcome to the Homepage of the Standard Working Hours Committee (SWHC).

Acknowledging community concerns over employees’ long working hours in Hong Kong, the Government released the “Report of the Policy Study on Standard Working Hours” (the Report) in November 2012. The Report provides a solid and objective basis for further public discussion on the subject of Standard Working Hours (SWH).

To follow up the study, the Government has set up the SWHC in April 2013. The SWHC is tasked with the important mission of promoting public understanding and in-depth discussion of this complex subject, and advising the Government on the working hours situation in Hong Kong including whether a statutory SWH regime or any other alternatives should be considered. I and twenty-three members drawn from the labour and business sectors, academia, community and the Government have been working together conscientiously to take forward this important and challenging mission.

The SWHC has taken forward its work in four strategic areas, namely, enhancing public understanding; collecting working hours statistics and information relevant to a working hours regime; launching public engagement and building community consensus on different options; and adopting an evidence-based approach for discussion on the basis of a range of factors. The SWHC’s two working groups on “Working Hours Consultation” and “Working Hours Study” completed a wide public consultation exercise and a comprehensive working hours survey in 2014. With reference to the findings of these two exercises, the SWHC is further exploring the directions of a working hours policy applicable to Hong Kong.

The subject of working hours carries widespread and significant implications for the overall labour market, manpower demand, employment relations, work culture, business environment, economic development and business competitiveness. The SWHC will endeavour to foster an informed and in-depth discussion of the community with a view to building consensus and assisting the Government to identify the way forward.

Through this Homepage, you are welcome to browse information about our work and express your views on working hours issues.

Dr Hon Leong Che-hung, GBM, GBS, JP
Chairperson of the Standard Working Hours Committee